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Recent Projects

As an educational leader, I am frequently called upon to lead presentations, professional development, roundtable discussions, and more.  Here are a few of my most recent projects.

Latest Projects
Ring of Light Bulbs


As a member of the ISCA Executive Board, I provided professional development for Illinois school counselors preparing to respond to the global pandemic.  We provided a variety of strategies, resources, and a space to connect for our members during a time of uncertainty for all of us.  This was truly an incredible experience that I will take forward with me in future roles.

Dancing Hands

Conversations About Race

I've been called to speak multiple times in the wake of the George Floyd Incident.  As a member of the ISCA Executive Board, I had the opportunity to speak to our members about the event, unrest, and how to have productive conversations that lead to growth.  The most recent training on racial conversations that I led was for teachers and administrators at the Center for Educational Opportunities.

Stressed Woman

CollegeBoard Supporting Student's Social Emotional Learning Needs

Students all over the country are dealing with anxiety, depression, and so much more as a result of the impacts of Covid-19.  CollegeBoard asked me to present about my perceptions from the field as a school counselor.

"Thank you. I am so grateful that you wrote this piece and that I was able to read and digest the message. I feel validated."

"This was probably one of the most useful webinars I've ever attended! There were so many useful tips. I also have to sing the praises of the presenters themselves. I feel like I've been running on fumes lately, but they helped me to feel empowered, which will help me better support my students."

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